900x600_mrmemoiranddrico24of25Mr. Memoir (born Thomas Dits, May 24, 1995 in Groningen, Netherlands) is a Dutch dancehall deejay and reggae (fusion) singer.
By being raised in a musical environment, with a father who is a drummer, his mother teaching saxophone and a stepfather (†) who was active as a percussionist, musicianship is his birth right.

He began to seriously pursue music in 2013 after he got more and more signals from his surroundings that he had something unique and had to do something with his passion. Over the years he mastered the Jamaican Patois by listening to artists like Buju Banton and Damian Marley. This he has nurtured and refined to the sound that he brings today.

When meeting rapper, music producer and studio engineer Drico, they decided to experiment musically. After recording their first song, they decided that this was a collaboration to maintain and recorded Mr. Memoir’s debut album ‘The Turn‘.

After this, he got busy with further broadening his sound. He has inter alia been the support-show for reggae legend Eek-A-Mouse and is ready to give more to the world.

Hard work, dedication and passion are of crucial importance to him. This can be seen by how he and his selector are attuned to one another on stage. Disciplinary rehearsals until late at night form a live act that the spectators won’t forget.